American Equity Funding (AEF) is a highly rated company, holding an A+ Better Business rating and is dedicated to maintaining our standard of excellence. We excel in the secondary mortgage market, purchasing privately held owner-financed mortgage notes.


Our professional and experienced staff focuses on making each transaction as easy as possible for the note seller. We assist in all the necessary steps to complete each purchase and strive to close loans within thirty days. 



The underwriters at American Equity Funding are the best detectives around! The owner-financed mortgage note industry is unique and requires tailor-made negotiations to meet the requirements for qualified investors. Our competent underwriters have collaborated with us for over twenty-five years and have many tools for finding missing data. These essential assets enable us to close complex cases that less motivated or inexperienced buyers and brokers often overlook or decline. 



Here are two examples that demonstrate the devotion of American Equity Funding to our note sellers. 


Example One

We had a transaction in Texas that seemed impossible to close. The property owner had passed away, and his wife was then selling the owner-financed mortgage note. Before finalizing the transaction, however, AEQ needed to track down more than ten family members to sign legal documents. To add even more complexity, there were children from previous marriages together. One of the children had also passed away, and we had to find that child’s heir. This was before social media existed, making it more difficult than in today’s modern technology. 


The task seemed overwhelming, but we pursued the case until everyone was located and we closed the loan. Although this purchase took a year to complete, American Equity Funding proved its commitment to follow through. 


Example Two

We recently closed a complicated jumbo note in less than ten days involving the hospitality (hotel) industry in the Carolinas. Due to its difficulty, the owner-financed world does not seek this type of property, and other companies typically overlook these loans. In addition, notes over one million have a limited market and this note was over three million. 


American Equity Funding specializes in both small and jumbo mortgage note purchases. We focus on developing long-term relationships and value our reputation for quality service. 


As owner and president of American Equity Funding, Inc., I honestly wanted to know the thoughts of my employees about our company. Below are their comments: 



American Equity Funding is a small town-owned and operated company that recognizes customers as individuals, not just a number or corporation account. 


We consider the hardest of notes for purchase, even ones that other companies would initially turn down. Our caring staff is always available by phone during regular business hours and often after hours. If we cannot assist with your note-selling needs, we offer connections and referrals. 



We love serving our customers and payers! American Equity Funding can help people with situations that ordinary banks cannot because of their ordinances and restrictions. Our staff is great, and we are one of the longest-running companies in the note-buying business.



The friendliness of our staff sets us apart. All our employees go above and beyond to help payors stay current by understanding their individual situations. 



Steve Whitlock has accommodated many clients throughout his 38 years of note purchasing. Past clients still call for advice, and Mr. Whitlock and our staff always kindly help them, expecting nothing in return. To summarize, customer care at American Equity Funding is incomparable, setting us apart from all other note sellers. 



American Equity Funding is committed to upholding our standard of excellence and providing a personalized experience for every note seller.

Expect a friendly greeting from one of our staff anytime during regular business hours, never a machine! Steve or Ryan will return after-hour calls in the morning of the following business day. We welcome all inquiries and offer free, no-obligation quotes for mortgage notes.