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The state of Texas has specific requirements when selling a Deed of Trust. Therefore, it is crucial to partner with a reputable and experienced company to meet legalities and ensure a smooth process. American Equity Funding buys owner-financed mortgage notes with over thirty-five years of experience and an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. 

In this blog, we will discuss a Deed of Trust, why American Equity Funding is the superior choice for note sellers wanting to sell a Deed of Trust in Texas, and the benefits of selling a Deed of Trust. 


Understanding/Selling a Deed of Trust 

A deed of trust is a legal document that secures a loan with real estate as collateral. Homeowners with seller-financed property or investing in a trust deed can sell the note for a lump sum of cash. This process, known as selling a deed of trust, enables property owners to bypass the lengthy repayment period and receive immediate funds.


 Why Choose American Equity Funding, Inc.? 

1. Valued Trust: American Equity Funding is a trusted name with an excellent reputation. Established in 1988, we stand out in the secondary mortgage market that buys privately held owner-financed mortgage notes. 

2. Unmatched Service: The professional team at American Equity Funding has extensive knowledge of the Texas market. This ensures smooth and efficient transactions tailored to the state’s unique requirements. Expert and thorough evaluation of each note and situation secure the highest possible value to maximize financial benefits. 

3. Streamlined Processes: Although selling a deed of trust is often complex, American Equity Funding strives to make it simple and worry-free! Our team oversees all paperwork, legalities, and documentation, saving note sellers precious time and effort.

 4. Competitive Offers: American Equity Funding understands the importance of receiving a fair offer. We seek competitive rates resulting in a large lump sum while supporting a transparent and trustworthy relationship.


Benefits of Selling a Deed of Trust

Selling a Deed of Trust offers benefits such as the following:

 1. Immediate cash flow: Selling a deed of trust supplies a lump sum of cash to note sellers, which may ease the burden of outstanding debts, be used to invest in other ventures or make significant purchases. 

2. Risk Mitigation: Selling a deed of trust transfers the risk from borrower default to the buyer. This transaction reduces the uncertainties associated with collecting payments, especially if the borrower has financial difficulties.

 3. Diversification: Investing in real estate carries its own set of risks. Selling a deed of trust allows diversification of investment portfolios by converting illiquid assets into cash, which opens opportunities for alternative investments.



American Equity Funding is a first-rate choice when selling a Deed of Trust in Texas! Our team will meet all state-specific requirements and legalities to maximize the return in a hassle-free transaction. 

Our comprehensive experience, valued trust, unmatched service, streamlined processes, and competitive offers will surpass expectations and confidently convert a deed of trust into immediate cash. 

American Equity Funding, Inc. has bought over 1000 deeds of trust in Texas in its 37 years in business. Our goal is to stay in touch with our past clients and to be available for future needs should they ever arrive.

American Equity Funding is committed to a high standard of excellence, individual experiences for every note seller, and proving long-term relationships. We welcome all inquiries!