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Selling a note can be a stressful situation, and American Equity Funding works to take as much of the unknown out of the process so that you can make informed decisions. No question should go unasked, and no asked question should go unanswered. We can take on challenging notes that may have credit issues, title problems, or just altogether rough and tough transactions. Our motto is “If it can be done, we will do it.” 

We offer the most accurate, transparent, and up-front quotes when buying your mortgage note based on the information that you provide.  Long-term relationships are built by trust, and our goal is to earn your business as well as your recommendation. 

As mortgage investors, we carefully analyze all aspects of the property sale including:

  1. The legal documentation
  2. The physical property
  3. The background of the payors
  4. The credit of the payors
  5. The condition of the title

In most cases, we can commit to buying a mortgage in our first meeting with the mortgage seller. The final paperwork and closing quickly follow.  We will need the following documentation to facilitation a faster and smoother closing when you sell your note. 

  1. Original mortgage
  2. Original note
  3. Closing statement from the property sale
  4. Existing fire insurance policy
  5. Pictures and maps
  6. Existing title insurance policy, if available
  7. Payor background
  8. Pay history, if available

Most of this information will be in the mortgage owner’s files.  Our job is to obtain any additional items needed, such as the credit report, appraisal, and new title insurance policy.

American Equity Funding is dedicated to giving the highest level of service and prides itself on providing our customers fast and friendly service.  

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