About Us

Twenty four years of experience sets us apart from the rest!

American Equity Funding, Inc. (AEF) was founded in 1989 as a DBA. It was later incorporated in 1992 in the State of Arkansas where it has called home ever since. AEF has, over the years, been involved in a wide array of niche markets in the real estate arena. With the fluctuating real estate market, American Equity Funding has flexed and bent with market demand over the years and is proud of their experience and expertise in the following submarkets:

In the 24 years that American Equity Funding has been in business, they have been involved in the purchase and sale of over 10,000 mortgage notes and in the past 3 years, nearly 1,000 REO properties. All while maintaining an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. We are experienced and professional mortgage buyers with a track record to prove it!

The Team

Steve Whitlock: President


Mortgage Note BuyerSteve Whitlock is the President and owner of American Equity Funding, Inc. and has been the President and owner for 23 years. His experience started in the real estate industry in 1979 when he became a realtor. In 1983, Steve bought his first real estate note and was hooked on that business for life. In his career, he has been involved in the purchase and sale of over 10,000 real estate mortgage notes, land contracts, deeds of trust, contract for deeds, structured settlements and REO’s.

Aimee Hill: Mortgage Loan Originator


Aimee HillAimee Hill has been with American Equity Funding since August 2009 and has been a collector, property sales manager and now is a Purchaser of Contract for Deeds, Mortgage Notes, Deeds of Trust, and Land Contracts. She is very knowledgeable and capable of performing any task in the owner financed business. She is also a licensed Mortgage Loan Originator and is available to help you with all your needs. Aimee is also a Vice President of AEF.

Christy McFerran: Bookkeeper & Mortgage Note Buyer


Christy McFerranChristy McFerran has worked for American Equity Funding since September 1997 and has performed many duties and responsibilities in the owner financed/real estate business. She is extremely skilled and very knowledgeable at every aspect of the business. Christy has bought mortgage notes, collected notes, coordinated closings, prepared closing documents, originated mortgage loans, sold properties, done underwriting, and is currently the Bookkeeper and a Mortgage Note Buyer. Christy is also a Vice President of AEF.

Todd Pommerville: Asset Manager


Todd PommervilleTodd Pommerville started with American Equity Funding in July 2010 and is in charge of asset management and has a very keen grasp of the Real Estate industry. He reviews documents and contracts, he coordinates and follows up on most of our listings with realtors, finds properties and is a valuable part of our business. He has been an integral part of our business for the past 3 years and continues to learn at a very rapid pace. Todd is also a Vice President of AEF.