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Why Sell Your Mortgage Note with American Equity Funding?

You are likely here perusing our website because you hold a Deed of Trust, Land Contract, Bond for Title, Mortgage Note or Promissory Note and are interested in possibly selling it or perhaps just a partial of it. We hope that as you take the time to read through our website you will find it helpful and informative in getting to know us a little better and in familiarizing yourself with the world of owner financed note buying and selling. Whether you are looking for more information regarding the note buying and note selling market to better understand the process and procedure of selling your owner financed note or you are looking for someone you can work with in selling your mortgage note, we hope you find American Equity Funding is a good and reliable resource for you. Being 24 years in the business and having bought and sold over 10,000 real estate notes we feel we’ve got a good understanding of the note buying and note selling business and are confident we can aid you in the process of selling your note.

There are a myriad of reasons why you are looking to sell your mortgage note, and whatever it is you do not want to be burdened with a complicated, drawn out, note selling debacle that causes more strain and stress than necessary. Your time and money are important and this decision to sell your note can be a hard one when so much of your time and money is at stake. Then throw in the matter of trying to find a note buyer that you feel comfortable with and will help you maximize the return on your investment. That is why at American Equity Funding we want you to feel valuable as an individual and not just as a means to money. It is important to us that you do not feel like you have been “through the mud” or that you have been used by a smooth talking salesman when all is said and done. We enjoy developing relationships with our customers and look forward to working together in the future, not just this one time. We are confident that our breadth and depth of experience and knowledge in the owner financed note industry is sufficient so that we don’t need to rely on “greasy” sales tactics, but rather rely on information and substance. We can have straight forward, clear conversations that do not waste anyone’s time or money.


Steps to Selling your Mortgage Note


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We have taken and continue to take steps that will make the process of selling your mortgage note more personable and efficient for you; steps that enable you to feel comfortable with your decision to sell your note, and simple so that you don’t have to worry about the stress of what can otherwise be a complex process. If you decide you would like to request a free quote for your owner financed note, we hopefully have an option that is a good fit for you. All options for requesting a free quote are quick, easy and relatively painless. You can enter your mortgage note information online on our website at your leisure. Just click here, provide the requested information and then click “Send” and we will have a quote to you within 2 business days (typically we will get a quote for you within 24 hours but sometimes we may need an extra day). Or if you prefer a more personal touch please call us as we really enjoy speaking with our customers and getting to know them. Don’t worry there is no automated system or overseas call center to deal with. Calls come directly to our office and our staff will direct you to our one of our knowledgeable note purchasers. Or if you prefer to contact us by email you may either send your email request through our online email option found on the contact us page or you can find our individual email addresses on our about us page. When we have received all the requested information we will do our number crunching to see what kind of price we can get you.

Purchasing Your Note

Once you have received our offer to purchase your note (the quote) that is the amount you will receive at closing. We will pay all standard costs and associated fees with closing so you can expect to receive the quoted amount. No hidden fees or surprise expenses to nibble away at your bottom line. What we quote is what you get. Simple and easy. However, there are occasionally title issues, liens or back taxes that we cannot pay for that become apparent when we do our title work. We will help with whatever we can to minimize the stress and complexity of whatever issues may arise. Sometimes hiccups happen and we will do what we can to help overcome any obstacles. Being 24 years in the business we hopefully have learned a thing or two and can offer good advice and find sound solutions to most any problem that comes up.

Closing on Your Note

There is no waiting for long periods of time to close either. Once we have done everything on our end (title work & an appraisal) we can close. Ideally, closing on your owner financed note will take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks. But sometimes there is curative work that needs to be done to correct the chain of title, or there are liens or back taxes that need to be taken care of that add time to the process. But as soon as there is an “all clear” to close, we will close as soon as possible. There is no need to delay any further than is needed. You would like your money and we would like your note. It is as simple as that.

We want you to feel comfortable with your decision to sell your owner financed note and with the decision to whom you are selling it. We work to alleviate any extra stress or burden from your shoulders so that you can have a pleasant experience and be pleased with your return on your investment. If you are not satisfied or feel at all uncomfortable throughout the process of selling your note please let us know. We welcome constructive criticism so that we may do our jobs better. You want straight forward, open answers to address your questions and concerns from straight forward, knowledgeable people. We are sure we can help. Contact us any time. We look forward to working with you!


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