Why Should I Sell My Mortgage Note?

Here are the top 10 reasons why people sell their owner financed mortgages

sell mortgage notes, American Equity Funding, sell my noteIn today’s economic times, there are constant ups and downs, often making it difficult for homebuyers and businessowners to obtain mortgage loans. Because of this, owner financing has become a popular way to sell properties. If you recently sold your residential or commercial property using seller financing, you are currently holding a deed of trust or mortgage note.

Owner financed mortgages require you to act as bank, collecting payments and keeping detailed payment records. Doing so can be tedious, stressful work. We can take that stress out of your life by buying your entire mortgage note, or part of your note, for a lump sum of cash today. Both have their advantages.

  • Selling part of the mortgage note, for example 36 or 48 payments, allows you to receive a lump sum of cash for those specific payments today, and then continue collecting mortgage payments from the buyer once those payments sold to us have ended. Selling a portion of your mortgage note can give you needed money today, and income later.
  • Selling the entire mortgage note upfront, gives you more cash today.

You are probably thinking, “Why should I sell my mortgage note?” Well, there are several reasons why selling your privately held mortgage to American Equity Funding is wise. In fact, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten reasons people choose to sell mortgage notes to us.

  1. Buy a new home
  2. Remodel an existing home
  3. Tuition for college
  4. Pay unexpected medical expenses
  5. Take your dream vacation of a lifetime
  6. Remove the burden of note management
  7. Estate settlement
  8. Opportunity capital for a new business venture
  9. Move money to a safer investment
  10. Buy a new vehicle, motor home, boat, car, etc.


Did any of those reasons ring true to your current life situation? If so, request a FREE quote today and find out the value of your mortgage note. Your lump sum of cash is waiting!