Who Owns Your Mortgage Note?

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By: Steve Whitlock, CEO American Equity Funding

Note Ownership

American Equity Funding (AEF) owns the mortgage notes it purchases and also receives the payments. In many cases, however, the notes are brokered by a bank or other financial institution. The payments are then received by the new buyer and American Equity Funding ensures a smooth process.

Mortgage Financing

Banks are not typically set up to deal one-on-one with note sellers and do not want to compile the needed documentation. Therefore, they rely on companies like American Equity Funding to be resources in finding and providing properly documented notes. Both note sellers and buyers alike benefit from our professional services.

Bank, American Equity Funding

Keeping the Note

American Equity Funding recently closed a note for a customer in less than 2 weeks, including the signing of the contract to the seller receiving funds. In this case, credit must also be given to the note seller who quickly provided a well-documented package. Amazing things happen when we work as a team with the note seller! AEF felt that keeping and servicing this note was the best option.

Teamwork, American Equity Funding

Brokering the Note

Another note seller had more than one note he wished to sell. He was a repeat customer and serious about his need to sell quickly. He called on Christmas Eve and stated his request to finalize before the end of the year for tax purposes. This was an unusual situation and the note seller had done his due diligence in preparing.

Extra help was solicited and everyone worked diligently throughout the holiday, completing the transaction by the required deadline. Needless to say, the note seller was extremely excited! American Equity Funding felt that this pool of notes would be best serviced by brokering it to a financial institution from out of state who was very happy with the purchase.

Due diligence, American Equity Funding

Exceptional Service

These cases illustrate our commitment to excellence for every client, regardless of whether we keep or broker your note. The process of selling an owner financed note without help can be very stressful and difficult, especially for first-time note sellers. American Equity Funding prides itself on fast, friendly, and exceptional service!

Please call American Equity Funding at 1-800-874-2389. I welcome the opportunity to speak with you!

Steve Whitlock


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