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Preparing to sell my note

Preparing to Sell My Note Let’s say that Susie sells and owner finances a home to John. Circumstances change and Susie now needs cash and decides to sell the note. If you find yourself in a similar situation, here are some tips that will help prepare and safeguard your note selling process: Know Your Buyer

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Does American Equity Funding own the notes they purchase?

Yes, American Equity Funding (AEF) owns the notes we purchase and we receive the payments. In many cases, however, we either broker the note to a bank or some other corporation. The payments then go to the new buyer and American Equity Funding simply ensures a smooth process. Banks Banks are not typically set up

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Who Owns Your Mortgage Note?

American Equity Funding (AEF) owns the mortgage notes it purchases and also receives the payments. In many cases, however, the notes are brokered by a bank or other financial institution.

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Choosing a Buyer for Owner Financed Notes

Owner Financed Notes In today’s market, owner financed notes are typically purchased by three primary sources; the note payer (buyer of the property), a corporate note buyer, or a private note buyer. Perfect Scenario The ideal situation is, of course, for the note payer to pay the note off at the full face amount. In

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3 Things American Equity Funding Does That Other Mortgage Note Buyers Don’t (Or Won’t)

When you bring in a recently created mortgage note or deed of trust to American Equity funding, you most likely are already aware that it is a complex numerical system of recurring transactions and compound interest. Already sound scary? As the ever-educated mortgage note seller, you’re also most likely aware there are multiple mortgage note

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Why You Need Accurate Information Before Purchasing a Mortgage

We frequently receive phone calls from people asking how much we’d purchase their $100,000.00 mortgage note for. Unfortunately, giving someone a quote on purchasing a mortgage is not that simple. The financial rules and regulations surrounding purchasing a mortgage are incredibly complex, and we are not able to accurately address inquiries like these without receiving

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