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Choosing a Buyer for Owner Financed Notes

Owner Financed Notes In today’s market, owner financed notes are typically purchased by three primary sources; the note payer (buyer of the property), a corporate note buyer, or a private note buyer. Perfect Scenario The ideal situation is, of course, for the note payer to pay the note off at the full face amount. In

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3 Things American Equity Funding Does That Other Mortgage Note Buyers Don’t (Or Won’t)

When you bring in a recently created mortgage note or deed of trust to American Equity funding, you most likely are already aware that it is a complex numerical system of recurring transactions and compound interest. Already sound scary? As the ever-educated mortgage note seller, you’re also most likely aware there are multiple mortgage note

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10 Reasons to Use American Equity Funding, Inc.

So you are thinking about selling the Deed of Trust, Land Contract, Bond for Title, Mortgage Note or Promissory Note you hold and are unsure who to turn to for help? You need someone you can trust who has your best interests at heart and the experience to maximize the return on your investment. In today’s

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Credit Scores 101

Credit Scores 101 Welcome to Credit Scores 101! We hear about credit scores all the time from TV and radio ads to spam emails urging us to check our scores. But whether you know your credit score or have never even thought to investigate it, everyone should be taking the time to manage and to

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Are Promissory Notes Legally Binding?

In a word: Yes. The promissory note, or a written document describing the terms and conditions of loan repayment by the maker of the promissory note (‘maker’) and the payee of the loan in question (‘payee’), is used in a variety of financial situations. But are all promissory notes legally binding? Again, in a word:

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